COD 5 Nazi Zombie Aztec

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    Creator: This map was created by a mapper named Trooper, and unfortunately I don't know if he's made any other maps.

    The Basics: This is the most insanely HUGE map I've ever seen, this is no exaggeration. You begin the map out in the middle of nowhere and your journey takes you deep into the heart of multiple Aztec Pyramids and beyond.

    What we liked: There is an extremely long easter egg that is very challenging. Also, seeing the Pyramids from a distance and then being able to actually go inside them is awesome. This map is a grand quest and adventure that you have to go on in order to find some mysterious secret.

    What we didn’t like: The most difficult thing may be just how long it takes to complete the map and all the hidden things you have to find. Also, it's not the most detailed map and you may get tired of looking that same textures over and over.

    The final word: The difficulty and lack of visual appeal may be enough to make some people quit and never go back to finish it, but for those who can look past these things are in for a great adventure and one that will leave you with a true sense of accomplishment that few maps seem to be able to deliver on.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    C:Users(YOUR NAME)AppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaW then create  "mods" folder (this way for pirate version) or C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty World at War or C:Program Files (x86)Activision (use cod waw directory if you installed in different path)

    Inside mods folder paste nazi_zombies_aztec folder 

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